“Reeling in Updates: A Quick Peek into Our Fly-Filled World”

“Reeling in Updates: A Quick Peek into Our Fly-Filled World

Welcome to our quick reports – a blend of swift updates and in-depth insights into the world of Flys and Guides. With a flurry of activities keeping us on our toes, let’s delve into the latest buzz around here.
At the moment, fishing takes a backseat as we pour and paint jig heads, tie an abundance of miracle flies, and tackle Phil Lilley’s order before the season kicks off. Additionally, we’ve been diving deep into website updates and creating fresh content daily. The grind has been real – with late nights stretching until the wee hours, but we’re not complaining. Excitement brews as our business thrives. In the past month alone, we’ve got a staggering 30,000 flies in the mail, with another 15,000 eagerly awaited, including the highly anticipated orange and black brook x cicada. Keep an eye out for our upcoming newsletter, offering you first dibs with a sweet discount. Walk-ins, fret not – we’ve got your angling needs covered!

Fishing Updates:

While recent days may have seen our rods collecting dust, our dedication to fulfilling anglers’ aspirations on the river remains unwavering. Venturing out on the second day post-dam opening, albeit for a brief hour-long fishing session, we embarked on our mission to fish from 4:30 PM until dusk. In the company of Wayne, a seasoned camper familiar with our locale, we seized the opportunity to impart invaluable river wisdom and highlight prime fishing spots. Despite rainbows dominating the scene, with Wayne reeling in a few decent catches, including one notably snaky specimen, healthy browns with impressive girths were also observed.

In our shop, our customer assistance endeavors have yielded tangible results. Two anglers recently shared their success stories, boasting personal best brown catches in the majestic two-foot range while wading. Additionally, we garnered a couple of commendable Google reviews, underscoring our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Looking ahead, we have a week or so to address our pending tasks, prioritizing the pouring of jigs amidst favorable weather conditions. While painting can be deferred to colder days on the horizon, forecasts hinting at chillier weather around the 15th of the month are met with cautious skepticism. Nonetheless, with fifteen trips lined up this month, we anticipate more tales from the waters. Stay tuned for further updates, tight lines, and continued angling success.


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