Wooly Bugger Streamer – Rayon Chenille Dark Rust


This color is overlooked, but I do very well on this color in creeks. The trout seem to not “key” in on this color very much, but the bass and other warm water species in creeks do! I’m sure they look at it as a crawfish/crawdad. Either way, have a few in the box just in case.

Rigging – I typically use a 7.5x leader and had some 4x tippet to it. You don’t necessarily need to use fluorocarbon tippet or leader because the fish are chasing it from behind so you don’t need to worry about line factors. I like fishing these on the swing or you can dead drift them in pools or runs with riffles or tail outs. You don’t need a lot of tippet, maybe three feet of so. Unless you are fishing deep water stay away from 9 foot leaders.


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