White River & Norfork Bead Kit


If you haven’t fished a bead rig yet, you are missing out. Nothing mimics an egg like a bead. It’s almost the real thing and it really is as close as you can get to fooling the smartest fish in the river. And what I mean by that is, the bigger fish. What I like to call “the bully of the river” can’t resist beads. You can also catch a bunch of fish when trout are keying in on beads. I won’t get into all the names of the colors, but it’s all the colors you need to get the job done on these tailwaters we have in the Ozarks. There are three sizes for the most part, 6mm for smaller water, 8mm and 10mm for bigger flows. It comes with two sizes of hooks (12 & 14) that are strong and won’t straighten out on a big fish.
How to rig a bead rig?
It’s pretty simple, there are several ways to peg the bead, but what I have found is if you run the line through the hole on the bead three times it will lock the bead into place. You should have a tag end and that’s where you will tie your bare hook too. It shouldn’t be anymore than and inch or so below the bead or you will hook the fish all over the face so make sure you really pay attention to that. Other than that, place the correct weight of split shot about eighteen inches above the fly with an indicator and you are all set!

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