Tungsten Zebra Midge – Purple (Straight Shank)


Purple tinsel as a fly pattern for fishing, particularly for the Norfork River, is renowned among anglers for its effectiveness. Its success can be attributed to several factors, with its holographic or flashy appearance being a significant one.

Firstly, the color purple has proven to be highly attractive to trout, particularly in clear or slightly stained water conditions. It stands out well against the natural surroundings, making it more visible to the fish. Additionally, purple is often associated with insect species such as caddisflies or midges, making it a familiar and enticing color for trout to target.

The use of tinsel material adds another layer of appeal to the pattern. Tinsel has a reflective quality that mimics the iridescence of insect wings or scales, thereby enhancing the fly’s realism underwater. When sunlight hits the tinsel, it creates a shimmering effect that can catch the attention of trout from a distance, even in murky water conditions.

Furthermore, the holographic look of the tinsel adds an extra dimension to the fly’s presentation. The shifting colors and reflections mimic the natural movement of prey in the water, further enticing strikes from hungry fish. This holographic effect is particularly pronounced in bright sunlight, where the reflections are more vivid and noticeable.

Overall, the combination of purple coloration and holographic tinsel creates a fly pattern that is both visually appealing and highly effective at attracting trout in a variety of fishing conditions. It’s no wonder that purple tinsel flies have become the go-to choice for many anglers targeting trout on the Norfork River and beyond.

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