Tom Nixon 56er Wooly Bugger – Baby Crawfish (Orange)


The Wooly Bugger stands out as the most favored streamer pattern in the White River System. In case the trout grow weary of the Wooly Bugger, the 56er emerges as an excellent alternative, particularly proving its effectiveness at Rim Shoals, located 21 miles downstream from the dam. Jerry Nixon, the brother of Tom Nixon, owns a house at Rim Shoals and frequently employs the 56er in that area. However, Jerry has an interesting perspective, suggesting that the 56er mimics the crawfish indigenous to the Rim Shoals region. Notably, its efficacy takes a dip of approximately 70 percent when the crawfish enter hibernation, making it less fruitful for fishing in January.

Tom Nixon employs a strategy of varying the color strip on the bottom, transitioning from green to yellow to orange. From personal experience, the yellow-orange combination proves to be the most productive. The fly is consistently weighted with lead, wrapped around 8 to 10 times, maintaining the same diameter as the hook. Fishing it mirrors the approach used for the Wooly Bugger, with a cross-stream cast allowing it to swing. To enhance its allure, a couple of short strips back are recommended before repeating the process.

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