Todd’s Wiggle Minnow – White


These flies are tied on Tiemco (TMC) 8089 NP hooks, which typically retail between $7.00 and $9.00 when purchased from vendors like Umpqua or other wholesalers. Unfortunately, they are frequently on backorder, presenting a challenge for us. However, given the significance of these flies during shad kills below the dams here in Arkansas, we prioritize keeping them in stock at all times. This commitment sets Fly’s and Guides apart. We understand the importance of having the “HOTTEST” patterns available when our customers need them most.

The Todd’s Wiggle Minnow epitomizes the innovation of fly design, meticulously crafted to replicate the erratic movements of wounded baitfish, enticing even the most selective trout to strike. With its sleek, elongated profile and lifelike features, this fly is a must-have addition to any angler’s tackle box.

Crafted with meticulous precision and attention to detail, the Todd’s Wiggle Minnow exudes a mesmerizingly realistic appearance. Its distinctive design, featuring a foam body with an angled cut, creates an enticingly erratic motion that mimics injured prey, eliciting aggressive strikes from predatory fish.

Fitted with a durable TMC 8089 stainless steel hook, anglers can fish with confidence, knowing that this fly can withstand even the fiercest battles without fear of the hook straightening out. Whether cast into serene still waters or turbulent currents, the Todd’s Wiggle Minnow excels in enticing strikes from a diverse range of gamefish species.

Whether targeting trout in mountain streams, bass in freshwater lakes, or saltwater predators along the coast, this versatile fly consistently proves its effectiveness. With its unmatched ability to provoke strikes and its durability in the face of vigorous fights, the Todd’s Wiggle Minnow stands as a trusted companion for anglers pursuing success on the water.

A few other patterns you need to have during the shad kill are the following: Arkansas Beadhead, Jarred’s Gurgler Minnow in silver or white, Blow Fly and Zoo Cougars.

Presentation – We like to use these has in indicator and fish an Arkansas Beadhead about four to five feet deep under the Wiggle Minnow. That way we are fishing two different water columns. We also like using the Gurgler the same way. I also had a Wiggle Minnow tied with a straight shank for smaller trout that can’t get their mouth around the wide gap 8089, which is the only way this fly comes unless you tie it. I feel like that is a game changer for better hook ups. But if bigger fish are feeding, I stick with the traditional one with the wider gap. Of course, this is usually fished below dams and shad kills are “kind of” predictable in September (if we have high water all summer) and February/March.

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