Taneycomo Kit – 135 Fly Assortment

$165.00 ea

This is the Large Double Sided Water Proof Box. The front side has 87 flies and the back side has 48. Short description of what is in the box, you have the very best selection of patterns that are truly staple flies for Taneycomo. This is my home water and I can fish anyone of these patterns on any given day or water scenario. On the front you get Beadhead Scud’s, a bunch of dubbed body scud’s (which is the most productive fly at Taney), Swissstraw Scud’s, V-Rib Midge, Primrose & Pearl, Kent Campbell’s Midge, Rusty Midge, Olive Dun Midge, Zebra Midge with copper bead which is the best color, Soft Hackles, Brook Sprout, Serendipity, Renegade and WD40’s. The back side has the bigger stuff, you get deer hair pellets for the outlet, various sizes in SJW, Mega Worm’s, Brad Wright’s Sculpin’s, Dace streamers for night fishing, Hopper and Stimulator for the Bluffs below Lookout Hole, Crackleback’s, Ant patterns for shallow water along the banks in skinny water (when the water is off), Miracle Fly, Beetles,Wooly Bugger and the popular wooly called the Tiger Tail. You really don’t need anything else and I would say, I took all of the guess work out of this kit for sure! If you ever have questions on a particular pattern or need knowledge of the pattern, or when and how to fish it, never hesitate to give us a call (417-294-0759). We are always here to help!

If you divided $160.00 into 135 flies it comes to $1.18 a fly plus the box! Pretty good deal and really helps you out on saving if you were to buy these individual, not to mention you have some single hook streamers that would cost over $2.00 a fly.

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Taney is known for mostly catching rainbows except in the fall around the end of September when the brown trout start to run upstream to spawn. We do have a slot limit the first three miles below the dam until you get to Fall Creek. People mistake this for trophy water which throws people off thinking they can’t keep fish. You can, but they have to be under 12 inches and above 20 inches. You can only keep one brown and it has to be over 20 inches. The limit per day is four.

If you would like to order just the box click here

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Taneycomo Kit

135 Fly Assortment


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