Sili-Leg Baby Bugger – Olive


You can find wooly buggers in a lot of sizes, but it’s a little more difficult to find then in size 10. I like this size in lower water when fishing riffles. I’m also a big fan of creating more mottled looks with adding legs to the pattern to give it more action. Another trick I learn is fishing these on windy conditions when there’s chop on the water. And of course, you can never go wrong with olive, especially in the sun.

Fishing Conditions –

I really never fish these in generation. I like fishing them in low water when the dams are not running any water. In riffles is where these type of baby buggers shine. They look so buggy that trout them as scooby snacks, not only do trout, but bluegill will gobble them up too.

How to Rig – 

I use a floating line for the most part. Only time I will use a sink tip is if I’m trying to get down past four feet of water or if the current is super fast. I use a 7.5 foot 4x leader. I will add about a three foot section of tippet in 4x.  You can strip however you want. I would change them up, but for the most part just steady strips with a slight pause in-between them should do the trick. I hardly ever strip fast. It seems like the trout don’t like it as much.

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