On The Go Kit- Deep Water Shad Kit


Kit Includes the Following

4 Blow Fly – (Size 6)

4 Arkansas Beadhead – (Size 8)

4 Super Jig – (Size 12)

4 Super Jig – (Size 10)

4 1/80th Mega Worms – (Size 10)

The quick kit is simple and targets bottom feeders. Ninety percent of the time you’ll find these fish eating deep and not on top or the middle of the water column, so that is why we put this kit together. If you want to fish the top or middle water column, either the shad need to be plentiful, or the generation needs to not be running as much. There nothing in this kit that doesn’t work so you won’t be wasting any money, you just need to target a shad kill and this is the best money you can spend if you fish shad kills below dams.

How to Rig

I never use 9 foot leaders unless I’m fishing flood gate water when dead drifting. I like a 7.5 foot leader that usually ends in 3 or 4x and run 3 or 4x tippet. You can use the same set up for all these flies because they are all flies that need to be close to the bottom. I will use 3x tippet and tie it to a 3x leader, same if I want to fish 4x. So depending on the depth will determine how much tippet I will use, but if the depth is ten feet in the middle then you just need to use your judgement, but I will add five feet of tippet if I need to too. Because the split shot is so heavy, it will slide down to your fly from casting so I use add a additional section if tippet (12 to 18 inches) and then tie my fly on and then put my split right above the knot so it doesn’t slip down to the fly. Pretty basic and I hope this makes since, but in a nutshell, 7.5 leader, add four to five feet of tippet, run another section of the same size tippet about 12 to 18 inches then tie the fly on. Don’t forget that you will need a strike indicator and that will be set accordingly to the depth and same with what weight split shot you will use, but I find myself using AAA split shot in CFS that is usually 10,000 or bigger. If you fish shallow water along the banks you may want to use a AB or BB shot, but it all depends on depth and the speed of the current.

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