Miracle Fly & Mega Worm Kit – 84 Color Assortment

$120.00 ea

This is the Small Fly Box. Left side has 42 flies (1/100th) and the other side has 42 (1/80th) as well. Short description of what is in the box,  How about just Miracle Flies in every color under the sun and the very best three colors in Mega Worms!! I could strictly write a book about the science of these jig head egg patterns. By far the very best way to target big brown’s. And NO, I don’t fish on redds and frown on people who do. But the miss conception is people think you can only fish eggs during spawns. That isn’t true when it comes to hatchery fish. They love color and I don’t give them much credit when it comes to these two patterns. The trout are dumb to this and eat this stuff like crack. If you ever have questions on a particular pattern or need knowledge of the pattern, or when and how to fish it, never hesitate to give us a call (417-294-0759). We are always here to help!

If you divided $120.00 into 84 flies it comes to $1.42 a fly plus the box! Pretty good deal and really helps you out on saving if you were to buy these individual, not to mention you have every miracle fly and mega worm in both weights.

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There is definitely an art when fishing 100th oz verses 1/80th oz depending on the right water. I fish low water to dead current or what we call “frog” water with the 1/100th oz and when they kick the water up a little I use the 80th. I’m not a fan of split shot so that’s why I’ve been using jig heads for years, even before it got real popular in the last five years using the slotted Tungsten on competition jig hooks. The hooks I use on these are by far the best out there and yes, I’m the one who pours and paints them because I want to always oversee this process. I fish this stuff the most and you can ask any of my customers, once they get done learning this technique they buy a whole bunch of these patterns. I also tie these for six fly shops and refill their bin the most with this particular fly. Great Fly to use a lead fly and tie a tag off the bend and throw those traditional nymphs. The mega worms are different than the mop fly as well. The material is different and we can cut it to whatever desired length we want, which I think is better than the mop because it is shorter.

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Miracle Fly and Mega Worm Kit

84 Color Assortment


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