Mega Worm Tying Kit – 1/100th (25 Count)


This simple, but effective fly is one you don’t want to forget when you head to your favorite river, stream, creek, tailwater or even ponds for bluegill or bass. I’ve caught several types of fish on this fly so it doesn’t just target trout. I put these kits together because I want it to be easy for everybody to purchase one with everything you need to tie up a few on the vise. And if you are new to tying, this is a perfect pattern to start with. The colors of Bernet blanket material can sometimes be frustrating to find. I also wanted to make sure you tie these on a really sharp, heavy wire hook. Most jig hooks that are a size 10 are smaller are very week wired hooks and will straighten out on bigger fish. It happened to me so I started pouring and painting my own. This kit comes with 25 painted hook to match the material and I threw in a sample for you as well. Make sure you try these out, or you are missing out on hooking some big fish, especially big brown’s. The most productive colors are peach, chartreuse and white. The others ones work too, but not like the three I mentioned.

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