Hopper Kit – 34 Fly Assortment


This is the Large Double Sided Water Proof Box. The front side has 12 hopper’s and the back side has 22. Short description of what is in the box, all the staple hopper/dropper dry fly patterns for fishing during the hopper months. In a nutshell, you get the following in the kit, Fat Albert’s, Western Lady’s, Chernobyl’s, Stimulator’s, Joe and Dave’s Hopper, Turks Tarantula and a few bigger traditional dries and terrestrials on the right side bottom row.

If you ever have questions on a particular pattern or need knowledge of the pattern, or when and how to fish it, never hesitate to give us a call (417-294-0759). We are always here to help!

If you divided $60 into 34 flies it comes to $1.76 a fly plus the box! Pretty hard to find hoppers this cheap at this quality.

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