Fat Albert – Orange (Bottom) & Black


Crafted to Mimic Nature’s Phenomenon: The Fat Albert, Inspired by the 13-Year Black and Orange Cicada

In the realm of fly fishing, few creations rival the ingenuity and effectiveness of the Fat Albert. Developed with a keen eye on nature’s cycles, this fly stands out as a favorite among anglers worldwide, owing much of its inspiration to the remarkable 13-year black and orange cicada hatch.

Designed in the foam-style tradition, the Fat Albert captures the essence of this natural phenomenon with remarkable precision. Its robust construction mirrors the profile and movement of the revered cicada, boasting a buoyant foam body that ensures it rides high on the water’s surface with irresistible allure.

From its inception, the goal was clear: to create a fly that not only imitated the appearance of the 13-year cicada but also captured its essence in action. Anglers who have wielded the Fat Albert can attest to its uncanny ability to draw strikes from even the most discerning trout, thanks to its lifelike appearance and convincing presentation.

Whether cast delicately onto a glassy stream or drifted confidently through tumultuous waters, the Fat Albert remains a steadfast companion, delivering results in a variety of conditions and environments. Its distinctive black and orange coloration pays homage to the revered cicada hatch, ensuring it stands out as a beacon of success on the water.

For anglers seeking to harness the power of nature’s cycles and elevate their fly fishing game to new heights, the Fat Albert is the ultimate choice. Embrace the spirit of the 13-year black and orange cicada hatch with this exceptional creation, and prepare to embark on unforgettable angling adventures.

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