Creek Kit – 15 Assorted Patterns

$24.99 ea

Not a fancy kit, but it will get the job done in any creek. I didn’t want to build a big creek box because you really don’t need that many patterns. Those bass aren’t that picky and all these patterns are always producing the best so that’s why I made the kit so simple. Only 15 patterns from Deer Hair Diver frog, Clouser Minnow’s, Conehead Bunny Leeches, a couple of orange Wooly Bugger’s to imitate crawdad’s, Hopper, Girdle bug, Beetle and a few Marabou Sculpin’s. Basically everything you need!! If you ever have questions on a particular pattern or need knowledge of the pattern, or when and how to fish it, never hesitate to give us a call (417-294-0759). We are always here to help!

If you divided $25 into 15 flies it comes to $1.66 a fly plus the box!


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Creek Kit

15 Assorted Patterns


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