Blob Fly – Cutthroat Fl. Pink


Featuring a robust black nickel hook that resists rusting, this fly is a powerhouse. With a tungsten hot spot bead, it’s essential to use a sturdy hook when fishing below the dams in high water—prepare for a substantial catch, as something big is bound to take a bite! The inclusion of UV enhances the fly patterns, and I’m convinced that trout and fish, in general, perceive UV in the water column.

REVISED 2-1-2024

If you’ve made your way here from our newsletter, rest assured, this is no joke. Once our inventory of this particular pattern is depleted, it will be permanently removed from our offerings. The exclusive information shared here is known only to those of you reading this message. Act swiftly, as these items are anticipated to sell out quickly. I firmly believe the distinct materials used in this pattern set it apart; the unique combination of colors and UV properties gives it a captivating glow underwater, contributing to its exceptional effectiveness. This revelation is one of the reasons you subscribed to our newsletter – to access exclusive insights like this. You, our readers, are the sole bearers of this knowledge, unless, of course, someone stumbles upon and reads this, prompting them to wonder, “What’s the secret?”

Lisa and I have stocked up with a hundred each of these, ready to deploy on our trips until the supply is exhausted. In case we run out, our reliable backup is the Fl. Orange variant, equally impressive just like the POS fly and the Bug Shop yarn we use is golden nugget. These color shades play a crucial role in our trout pursuits.

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