“BLING” Miracle Fly Kit – Dark Roe

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50 COUNT Jig Hooks

This kit comes with everything you need to stock up on miracle flies. I’m doing these kits in 50 count only because it comes with a whole bag of yarn that will roughly tie 75 eggs. I think this a great idea because it takes the guess work out on getting the right materials. These are the correct tubes, the best yarn on the market, and the very best hooks. The only thing missing is the thread which is GSP 75 (I usually only buy two colors to tie all colors which is yellow and red.) and the red dot with the deep dark red yarn, which I don’t do with the with the bling yarn eggs because of the flash mixed in. I usually only buy two colors to tie all colors which is yellow and red. Most fly shops can order this from Wapsi. I took the guess work out on trying to find the best materials to tie egg patterns and buying it this way will also save you money!!

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I’ll give you a little advice that I’ve learned over the years. The red dye that is on the GSP is going to clog your bobbin for sure. I have found what works the best is a Griffin bodkin from Hareline Dubbin Inc. This works great to clean the inside of the bobbin.  If you get a lighter a run it over the needle a few times, the heat somehow grabs the residue inside the bobbin. You’ll have to do it a few times and make sure you clean the junk out (I use a razor blade) of the bodkin after each time.

Another important tip is which tube to use. The kit comes with three and I really only use the large and the smaller one. I use the large one with the jig head eggs and the small one for size 14 baby eggs.  The pulley you get is too short so I replaced that with a longer one. If you struggle with tying these, I’m always at our booth tying these so make sure you stop by at the end of March and I’ll be glad to show you!!

As of 12-21-19 I’ve heard Wapsi is going to discontinue GSP because of dye reasons. I’ll keep you posted on which thread I use in the future.

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