“All In One” Fly Box Caddis Kit

$95.00 ea

Flies for Spring | April-May

“All In One” Fly Box Caddis Kit – 66 Assorted Flies

This kit comes with everything you need to catch fish on the Norfork and White River. This kit comes with 24 dry flies and 66 nymphs/emergers. In a nutshell, most of everything in the box range from size 12 (most the nymphs are size 12) to 16 and more are definitely the bigger sizes out of the three. The dries come from size 12 to 18 and they are pretty equal in sizes throughout.  Make sure you have one next time you plan on fishing the prolific caddis hatch in the Ozark’s! If you ever have questions on a particular pattern or need knowledge of the pattern, or when and how to fish it, never hesitate to give us a call (417-294-0759). We are always here to help!

If you divided $95.00 into 66 Flies it comes to $1.43 a fly plus the box! Pretty good deal and really helps you out on saving if you were to buy these individual. Plus you get the guess work for free!!

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This particular time gets going from April until the end of May, but I’ve caught fish all the way through October and some of November. I have also found that the fish key on the bigger sizes more often then the smaller sizes. I build these boxes from “guide days” on the water so all the patterns are proven patterns that catch fish. If you have any questions regarding switching out some bugs for other substitutions, I’m always here to help.

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