100th oz Painted Jig Head (25ct) Fl. Pink

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One thing I love about using jig hooks is they ride keel style so you rarely hang bottom when drifting in current. Of course you need to make sure you understand weight verses current speed. Mostly I use 1/100th oz on our tailwaters when the water is off because it is slow moving and that weight is perfect. When the water is running a little bit I go to the 1/80th so it gets down quicker, but if there is too much current it becomes just another fly and you have to use split shot. The mega worm’s and egg patterns that I normally fish with these jigs are flat out big fish producer’s. You can also find those patterns on my website in the buy flies section on the site. If you would like to know more about the miracle fly click here.

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Since I first started pouring and painting my own jig heads going on seven years, I’ve definitely got busier than I ever expected. I guess the customer’s like them just like me. Now I’m pouring over 30,000 a year and putting several different patterns on them, from Nymph’s to Wooly Bugger’s, but I tie  mostly Miracle Fly’s and Mega Worm’s for several of the local fly shops. I believe I have found the sharpest and strongest jig hook that you can find on the market. Plus it is nickel platted so it will never rust.  Give these a shot and I promise you’ll be another happy customer!!

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