1/80th oz Miracle Fly – Light Roe


Baker’s Dozen (Qty 13)

Where do I start……..I’ll start off by saying this fly will change the way you fish eggs. Most eggs are unweighted, which in theory they should ride on the bottom, but they can’t because they have barely any mass. Being that they don’t have much mass I believe the presentation is wrong and therefore don’t ride on the bottom right like how the trout see them. Split shot drags your flies and I’m not a big fan of that presentation. Once I discovered tying these on jig heads it change my game in a big way. Our tailwaters in low water is slow moving which is prefect when fishing 1/100th in what I called “frog” water. We also have introduced 1/80th for a little bigger water and faster current speeds, but once the water gets too high you don’t have a choice, but to use split shot.  If you can fish the correct current speeds depending on the right weight I can honestly say there isn’t a better egg pattern on the market. Give them a try, you’ll be glad you did!!

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