1/100th oz Miracle Fly – Roe (Single)


I’ve been fishing these 1/100th weighted jig head hooks for awhile now and I still use miracle flies all year long whether I use it as a point fly or attractor and tie “blendy” patterns below it. I usually like fishing egg and San Juan worms below it, what we call, “spaghetti and meatballs”. Or fishing Scud’s, Sowbugs and midges when the trout are being picky on color. We also introduced in 2019 this same pattern tied on the 1/80th for a little faster current and deeper runs. It has been a game changer for sure, but you have to have both for low water or when they turn the water on.

Hottest color for the White River is Light or Dark Roe, Golden Nugget, Oregon Cheese and Apricot Supreme.

Best colors for Taneycomo are Pinky Lady, Egg, Cerise, Oregon Cheese, Y2K and Clown, but clown really works wherever.

Norfork tailwater colors are Golden Nugget, Oregon Cheese and Salmon Pink

Trout Parks, the trout are not as picky, but of course the brown that imitates pellet food, chartreuse, salmon pink and sunrise yellow.

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