“On the Grind: Quick Report and Shad Action Update”

“A Detailed Update on Current Fishing Conditions and Shop Hours”

Amidst a flurry of activity on the water, it’s time to provide a comprehensive report on the latest fishing conditions and adjustments to our shop hours.

First and foremost, the browns are in full feeding mode, and they’re gorging themselves on shad. This abundance of prey has made for some exciting angling opportunities, with plenty of action to be had until around 1 pm. While the bite may taper off slightly in the afternoon, persistence is key, as patient anglers can still hook into a few browns with the right tactics.

Looking ahead, we anticipate that these favorable water conditions may not last indefinitely. As temperatures begin to rise, especially in the mornings, we may see a shift in water levels and flows. However, for the time being, anglers can expect some excellent fishing with heavy generation, particularly if planning a trip soon.

Of course, with great fishing comes some competition. With over 40 boats vying for space, it’s important to be prepared for a bit of “combat fishing.” Nonetheless, the rewards are worth it, as the fish are actively biting, showing a preference for white patterns presented with either a dead drift or strip technique. Choose the method that suits your style best, but focusing on a dead drift seems to yield the best results.

While we’re out on the water, our Lakeview shop will have adjusted hours this week. We’ll be open from 4:30 to 7 pm, providing anglers with the opportunity to stock up on essential gear and supplies after their fishing adventures. Please note that our Norfork location will be open exclusively on weekends for the time being.

Speaking of fishing spots, most of the action seems to be concentrated below Bull Shoals dam, especially given the less-than-ideal water conditions elsewhere. However, if you’ve ever wanted to experience a shad kill firsthand, now’s the time to make the trip before it’s too late. It’s an angling experience that every avid fisherman should have on their bucket list!

In summary, the fishing is hot, the water is flowing, and the browns are biting. Make the most of these prime conditions while they last, and don’t hesitate to swing by the shop during our adjusted hours for all your fishing needs. We look forward to seeing you on the water and sharing in the excitement of the shad action!




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