Dry Run Creek Report - October 15th - 2020

Dry Run Creek - Weekday  Adventure

I was blessed Thursday to spend the day helping spread the joy of Flyfishing on the banks of Dry Run Creek.

The Hargraves' Family was up from Little Rock, enjoying Fall Break and spending quality family time in the great outdoors.

Wednesday afternoon I was out with a father and son from Oklahoma, who was also enjoying a week off from virtual learning, so this Fall Break is a “thing.”

The kids were very excited to hit the water, despite never casting a flyrod before.

Mom even told me they were counting down “sleeps” before they got to go fishing!

We did a few short roll casts out on the grass, but with all the excitement these kids were ready to fish.

The area had some rain showers overnight and the creek was a bit muddy from the runoff making sight fishing a bit more difficult than normal.

I started Caroline off with the Chartreuse Mega worm early on, and after several misses we were able to get one to the net.

It wasn’t long and Henry was ready to get in the action.

Big Sis was up on the fish count and he was getting a bit impatient.


Caroline DRC trout
DRC Henry's rainbow

We soon switched spots and was able to get Henry on his first trout ever on the flyrod, from roll cast, to hook set, to winding the reel backwards.

Both of these kids were lefties…..he got it in and then that little guy slipped right out of Henry’s grasp before we could get a picture.

Henry decided that trout’s name would be Mr. Wigley pants.

Henry continued to name trout throughout the day.

After lunch the kids were getting a bit antsy so we decided to hit the Fork and go for a little boat ride to mix it up a bit.

We headed up to the dam and Dad was able to get a little fishing time in on the River.

He picked up a nice rainbow up by the dam and by the time they decided who would reel it in we were down by Quarry Park.

On the next cast Lucas was able to get another one off the grass beds with a White Mega worm.

We soon realized that the kids were interested in reeling the trout in and netting them up.

We fished a tandem rigged San Juan worm with a ruby midge dropper the rest of the way through McClellan's which kept the kids busy while jamming to some Kids Bop tunes.


Soon the kids were ready to get back to fishing and it didn't take them long to realize fishing on the BIG river is a bit more difficult than on the creek and those pesky tangles and knots were starting to appear.

We looked at the time and headed for the ramp, when we got back to Dry Run the crowd had thinned out and the water started to clear up.

We used cerise san juan worms, apricot supreme Miracle flies, and  mega worms to finish out a very special day for everyone invovled.


drc the first pick up
Full day DRC Guided Trip
drc caroline

Thank you,

Lucus and Megan for allowing me a few hours with your precious children helping make life long flyfishing memories.


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