Norfork & White River – Brown Town!!

Lisa and I split our time between Mike, Greg, and Dan, also known as “Coach,” over the course of three days at the beginning of the week. I guided them for the first two days, while Lisa took over on the last day. We collectively decided to fish the Norfork River since they were keen on catching a good number of fish, and given our recent successes on the river, we felt confident that we would have a fruitful outing. Mike’s plan was to rotate one angler each day, ensuring a comfortable experience with just two anglers in the boat.

On the first day, I had the pleasure of guiding Greg and Dan. Both of them had the opportunity to hook into some decent-sized rainbows. While we didn’t land a big brown trout that day, we did manage to catch a smaller one, though we didn’t snap a photograph of it.

On the second day, we once again floated the Norfork River, but this time with Mike and Greg on board. The results mirrored our previous day, with a couple of nice rainbows and a plethora of fish caught throughout the day. The backdrop of the changing fall colors was simply breathtaking, and being out there daily allowed me to witness the colors transforming before my eyes. It’s a pretty cool sight to behold from my daily “office.” The company of these gentlemen was exceptional, and their down-to-earth nature made spending those few days with them an absolute pleasure.

greg norfork rainbow trout
dan norfork rainbow trout

For the third and final day, Lisa took Mike and Greg on a fishing excursion. This time, we decided to head to the White River, taking a bit of a gamble by targeting the shad kill and breaking away from our usual routine. Lisa took the bold step, and the results were nothing short of amazing. She managed to hook three really impressive brown trout. Mike, the mastermind behind booking a trip with us, was the fortunate angler who landed the two largest browns. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy who took a chance on us, and I’m delighted that we met and even exceeded his expectations. Mike is already in the process of planning his return trip, and I couldn’t be prouder of Lisa’s growth as a guide. Working in this profession with the one I love brings me immeasurable happiness. When they talk about a “strong team,” that’s exactly what we are!

mike bull shoals dam 10 25 23
greg bull shoals brown 10 25 23
mike bull shoals dam brown trout 10 25 23


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