Late August -Early September Report 09-11-2021

Jeremy started the month of September off right were he left off last month throwing foam in search of big browns looking up.

The flows finally started to even out the first 8 or 9 days of the month that allowed the fish to stabilize in areas of the river and for us to get more of their holding pattern down.

White River - 08/23-08/24

Sam and Jarrod were able to get a couple of days of fishing in with Jeremy during their week stay on the White River.

They worked more of the White than they had ever done before, due to the sudden drops and rises in water during the trip.

From the Dam to Rim Shoals they worked the banks and finally found steady clean water at the end of the day.


Despite the running up and down, back and forth they enjoyed getting to see parts of the White river system that they had never seen nor fished before.

They defiantly put the hurt on the big browns on their own in the days prior and following the trip.   Sam fishes the Green River quite often and is no stranger to hopper fishing.

I wish had the pics to post of some of the biggest browns on hoppers I have seen so far this summer landed by these two!


White River - 09/01-09/02

Cole came into town to get in on the hopper action.

Cole has been fishing with Jeremy for several years and it has been enjoyable watching him progress in the sport of fly fishing.

He started off at Taneycomo when he was still in high school or maybe it was middle school.

Cole and his cousin Zander have made a few trips down on the Norfork and the White throughout the years.

This was Cole's first attempt at throwing a hopper and it turned out to be successful two day run.

He was batted 100% the first day and then the second day hurt the average a bit, but in the evening hours Cole was able to finish the trip out on a strong positive note.



White River - 9/3-9/4

Hurricane Ida had different plans for Marshall and his gang.  They had big hopes for the bachelor celebration that would include redfishing in Venice, Louisiana

So they had to act fast and was able to round up the clan and find guides to get everyone out for some hopper action on the White.

These group frequents the area often and know how to get it done on the river and it was nice to hear that everything came out okay and they have memories that will last a lifetime.

Fishing was tough as always on a Holiday weekend but the group had a great time.


White River - 9/5-9/9

Daron found a way to fit in another trip on the White river this year and even has his feelers out trying to possibly fit in one more before the years end.

This guy has fished all over and has decided there is really just one place he wants to go when booking a destination fly fishing trip.

Out of his many trips down to the White we didn't even realize this was the first time he has fished the hopper bite with us.

Daron does it all, night time mousing, articulated streamers with heavy sink-tip lines, dry flies, nymph fishing high and low water.

He's defiantly an all around angler and is always a joy to watch do his thing.

As always he splits his time with Jeremy and I, he says he likes the change in guiding styles but embraces the similarities when he does trips this way.



Norfork Tailwater 9/11

When the minimum flow hit I was able to get out Saturday morning, with Josh and Amanda on the Norfork.

Midges, Miracle Flies, Megaworm’s continued to be the go to in low water all the way down the river.



While everyone in the area was celebrating the generation schedule for Saturday morning.

Josh and Amanda drove up from Alabama for a little hopper action and unfortunatly were not as excited.

So when Josh noticed how I perked up when I saw min flow on the Fork.  He was quick to get me to take them down the river.

Amanda is just starting to try the sport of Fly-fishing out, so going to the Norfork was in my opinion was the best option.

To get away from the crowds, catch plenty of fish, work on the cast, and hook set all while soaking up one of the most peaceful tailwaters in the area.

The corps decided to give everyone a reason to break out the waders this weekend.

They didn't follow the generation schedule 100% but it was nice getting to hear everyone walking through the shop door having a ball on the river.

Anglers asked for a wide array of patterns that needed some refilling after a great day on Saturday.

In just listening to everyone that walked through the door almost anything was working out on the White.

Unfortunally, they did not keep the water off as long as projected and Sunday morning was the end of wadeable water for everyone.


For everyone that walks in the shop and tells us they want to learn the sport, this is the so called ideal scenario that we are always wanting to get people in.

I was happy to make it happen for this couple, we banged a few rocks, saw the bald eagles up close, and missed a few big browns and seen several in the river, unfortunately a few just a little too late.


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