An unsolicited testimonial says a lot about a White River fly fishing guide. Many of the clients of Taneycomo Trout Fly Fishing Guide service are so ecstatic about their fly fishing experience with Jeremy Hunt that they want to let everyone know. Fly fishing the White River and Norfork Tailwater in Arkansas, along with Lake Taneycomo in Missouri, is a challenge, to say the least. Jeremy operates one of the best fly fishing guide services because of his saintly patience, and his burning desire to help all of his clients become the best fly fishermen that they can be.

Fly Fishing Testimonials

This section is devoted to client experiences fishing with Jeremy. We can assure you that these testimonials are unsolicitated and authentic. If there is an email link at the end of a testimonial, feel free to contact those clients for further information.


Taneycomo Brown - caught on Feb. 17th 2014I wanted to bring my fly fishing skills up a level and hired Jeremy Hunt for two days. The first day had to be canceled because of extremely strong winds but the next day was one of the best fishing days I’ve had. We didn’t just go out and catch fish but Jeremy taught me how and where to catch fish. He more than achieved his goal of bringing my level up. He designed the trip around my current level and then gave me great education and instruction on how to become a much better fly fisherman. At one point we were watching other people out fly fishing but didn’t notice them catching any fish but I was catching several. Not only is Jeremy a great guide but he is very professional, generous and knowledgeable. I learned how to get much more distance with my cast and types of flies to use in different waters, etc. He even gave me advice on what sunglasses to wear. Something else I noticed with him is he truly enjoys sharing his knowledge with others and helping them become better.  I look forward to spending more days with him and highly recommend him as a guide. In addition, Jeremy loves the Lord and his family.

Jeff Bailey




David Rowe Fly Fishing

Hope all is going well, can’t wait to get together again. Thanks again for the trip that was sheer BANGING!! It’s my pleasure to give you this testimonial, hope to see you soon:

Jeremy is one the most innovative, creative, knowledgeable and most importantly passionate fishing guides that I’ve had the pleasure to be with and learn from. We have fished the White, Norfolk and Taneycomo over the past few years. He has the full arsenal of weapons at his disposal to help you have a successful trip. Under Jeremy’s guidance, I’ve fished streamers, nymphed, night fished, waded, used unique dry fly and sculpin techniques; all designed to help you be a better angler. He has a great knowledge base of fly patterns and fly tying techniques. He’s the real deal.

As far as the Taneycomo goes, no one’s got that place dialed in better. Having said that there are trips where he said the fishing on the Taney is average, let’s go hit the White. I’ve caught my share of 20” browns with Jeremy over the years but my last trip with him was off the charts fantastic, we slammed huge rainbows on the White….yes I said the White. If you’ve fished that river you know about the monster browns but catching quality rainbows is quite a task.

If you aren’t that interested in learning and just want a nice float on the water to enjoy the scenery and catch a few dinks, Jeremy is not your man. However if you want to up your game and are willing to be taught, I highly recommend working with Jeremy!

Dave Rowe



On behalf of the MO Department of Conservation, I want to thank you for all of your outstanding teaching and fly fishing instruction that you provided to the public at the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery this past Fall, Winter, and Spring. We always received rave and positive reviews of your fly tying classes. Your style and passion made for great interaction and gave everyone the ‘itch’ to go out and fly fish. Probably the most important part of our “Thank You” was for your time. I know that you gave up significant amounts of time to teach these classes twice a month. In doing so, you had to block off your valuable time as a guide. Your time and efforts are very much appreciated and we hope that we can resume the classes in either October or November of this year.

Feel free to use and reproduce all or portions of this ‘thank you’ on your web site or flyers.


John Miller
Interpretive Center Manager
Shepherd of the Hills Conservation Center


Les VleigerI’ve been a devout fly fisherman for over thirty years. I have had the pleasure of being guided down the White River in Arkansas by Jeremy Hunt for the last two years. He is unequivocally the best guide I have ever encountered in my fly fishing “career”. He is totally dialed into the fishery. He’s certainly got the flies … whether it’s his “magic egg fly” or one of his finely crafted slithery streamer patterns! I have never met a guide that has a shuttle on standby, ready to pull out in an instant, to go back and float a productive stretch again and again. His drift boat is the finest … bring your favorite CD’s! He really puts in the effort to put you on the trout … the rest is up to you! I won’t float the rivers in that part of the country with anyone else.

Les F. Vlieger

Redondo Beach, CA


Derek White River brown troutMy dad and I have fished for trout in some of the greatest places on earth – from Argentine Patagonia to New Zealand to the Green River in Utah, but nowhere have we caught both the numbers and quality of fish we caught on our ONE day of fishing with you on the White River. I caught the two biggest browns of my life with you that day – you can’t beat that!

Your professionalism and passion for the great sport of fly fishing was obvious from the minute we put the boat in the water and you took the time to analyze our casts and give us a few indispensable tips before starting the day. My cast was instantly improved, which undoubtedly helped me land a few more fish that day (and will continue to for the rest of my life).

Derek White River brown troutDad and I also enjoyed getting to know you personally. You’re a funny, likable, genuine guy, and I, for one, appreciate that. From getting up in my face and yelling, “YOU’RE THE MAN!,” when I hooked a giant brown, to giving humorous descriptions of peoples’ riverfront property lawn ornaments, I have a feeling the day would have been pretty memorable and enjoyable even if we hadn’t caught as many quality fish as we did.

Overall, our day on the White with you was one of our best fishing experiences ever. Our only regret is that we didn’t book more days with you (but that will change next time we visit). If anyone ever mentions to me that they want to fly fish on the White River in Arkansas (or anywhere near it), I’m gonna tell ‘em to go with Jeremy Hunt.

Thanks for an awesome time and best of luck to you and your family,
Derek and Walter Diaz


Jeremy Hunt Fly Fishing GuideJeremy Hunt should be your first choice when choosing a guide for the White River. Outgoing and knowledgeable, Jeremy will leave you at the end of the day a better fisherman with memories that will last a lifetime. I have been fishing with him for over three years now and will continue to because he is an absolute joy to fish with and learn from, not to mention the fact that every time I fish with him I catch a big brown.

Versatility is what makes Jeremy such a great guide and fisherman. By fishing the White and Norfork nearly every day, he has learned how fish behave in the ever-changing water conditions on those tailwaters. Jeremy also brings to the table a wide range of methods and techniques to choose from based on your ability and preference. From deep nymphing and midging to streamers to emergers, and dries, Jeremy offers expert instruction and will put you on fish.

Jeremy’s ability to teach is unparalleled and his goal is to make every client a better angler. He is a casting instructor who offers expert instruction for everyone from beginners to seasoned anglers. He also places an emphasis on teaching his clients what they need to become successful fishermen/women. He eagerly teaches knots, fly selection, fish behavior, water reading, and anything else you want to know. Again, whether you are a novice or a veteran, Jeremy will teach you something new.

Hiring a guide such as Jeremy offers two distinct advantages. The first is that fishing from his drift boat opens up the entire river. By covering more water, more fish see your fly and your chance of hooking fish increases. By floating, you also get to areas that see fewer people and offer better fishing. The second advantage is that a guide who knows the river intimately will put you where you need to be to catch fish and teach you how. Jeremy will immediately teach you the techniques and fly selection that will be the most effective for your specific needs.

I would strongly recommend taking advantage of Jeremy’s wealth of knowledge and eagerness to pass it on. His outgoing personality coupled with the fast action fishing make for a pleasant and exciting day. If you’re planning a trip to the White River, make sure to give him a call, its well worth it.


Jeremy Hunt Fly Fishing GuideWhen my wife told me she had traded our time share week for Branson, Missouri, I was not too excited, until I found Jeremy Hunt’s fly fishing web site and scheduled some fly fishing. My previous fly fishing experience included one fly casting lesson and 1 ½ days of drift fishing in Flaming Gorge on the Green River in Utah. (September 2007)

My 1 ½ days fishing with Jeremy (May 2008) couldn’t have been any better! Jeremy was very personable and professional. He helped me with my fly casting and he was very patient with the many tangles I created when I missed fish. Jeremy kept us on fish continuously both on the Norfork River and the White River. I caught thirty-seven trout (three times as many as I caught on the Green River) and missed a lot more. The boats around us weren’t doing as well. I only saw a few fish being caught.

I really enjoyed fishing with Jeremy and I would highly recommend him as a fly fishing guide. The two fishing trips made my vacation.

Robert B. Alexander, V.M.D.


Big Brown on White RiverAs a birthday gift, my wife bought a trip with Jeremy for me and a friend and I must say that I couldn’t have asked for anything much better. We had an absolute blast. Jeremy’s intensity and excitement for the sport are unsurpassed. With Jeremy’s instruction we were quickly able to cast and then catching fish in no time.

We spent the morning on the Norfork tailwater and caught more than fifty fish each which included cutthroats, rainbows, and some really nice browns, then after lunch we hit the White river just below Bull shoals dam. While on the White, we caught so many quality rainbows (over 14 inches) that we lost count! We even had three fish in the 19 to 20 inch range. There were other guides (including one very well known “celebrity” guide) with clients in the area that were also catching fish, but not nearly as many as we were. I think that is a testament to Jeremy’s ability to put his clients on fish.

If you are debating on spending the money for a guided trip, let me assure you, it is well worth it. We could have spent a lot of money and time to only become frustrated while trying to go on our own, but after our trip with Jeremy, we are absolutely HOOKED with this sport and feel confident that we can now catch fish on our own. With the skills we learned during our time with Jeremy, we can’t wait to hit these waters again.

Chris Smith
Rolla, MO


John with a brown troutJeremy,

Just a note to thank you for the encouragement you gave to my friends on Saturday. I had invited Doug Rorie, Jimmy Dickerson, and Rich Dismukes to come up and use the Condo at Fairfield and to go fishing. Doug and I met about 4 years ago on a float trip on the “Juan” and since he and I were both teachers its been a good association because we have been able to take time off at the same time to go fishing – it’s always more fun to go with someone else.

The knowledge and expertise you shared reminded me how much I need to learn still and it won’t go unused. My wife gave me a half day trip with Chuck from Anglers and Archers last year when we were in Branson at Christmas time so I picked up quite a bit from him but you really opened up the river in much greater depth. If I have the money to spend in the future I’ll be giving you a call. I would appreciate some info on what flies I need to be fishing when my wife and I are in Branson November 16th through the 22nd. Any advice would be welcomed.

Again thanks for your willingness to share your knowledge with us.

Alan Wilbourn


White River Rainbow TroutThank you for the incredible fishing experience Jeremy. I have never experienced fly fishing for trout like we did when we went out for a trip to the Norfork tailwater on Wed. 8/8/07. I could not believe what I was seeing, as on every cast it seemed like trout were fighting each other to get to the fly. If I was more than a beginning caster I could have caught 40-50 fish easy. We passed several boats with both fly fisherman and bait fisherman and I did not see anyone hooking fish like we did. For almost 5 hours we had a strike on almost every cast. I almost lost when you told them we were midge fishing even though they could see the fly perfectly well. I appreciate your patience and attention to detail while trying to improve my casting. Even though it was frustrating you kept things positive. It is more than evident after talking to you that your passion, instinct, and dedication is unmatched. I have been out with other guides but none have put me on fish and provided the level of expertise that you did.

The next day we could only fish together for a couple of hours but it was magical. We fished Taneycomo and the bite was just as strong if not stronger. My casting improved enough to boat 5 fish. The smallest was about 16″ and the biggest an 21″ rainbow. I still missed at least 10 to 20 fish and had a 25 incher on that jumped and broke my line. I was to excited to be depressed, and just hooking a fish that nice was enough for me. I told you that it was because of my lucky brook trout shirt but we both know better!!

For anyone out there debating on whether to use you as a guide all I can say is book it now!!! Jeremy is the best hands down and will provide you with the ultimate experience.

Thanks again for the memories that will last a lifetime. I can’t wait to make some more.

Mike Mertens


Doug rainbow White RiverFishermen !!

In the last month I have had the unique opportunity to meet and fish with a true fisherman. In three trips in the last month I have asked Jeremy to teach a complete novice, my wife and an experienced wade fisherman the ins and outs of tail water fishing via a boat, Each trip has been successful and Jeremy knows how to put the caster on fish and its up to you to put them in the boat – With a little help from the guides expert advice as well.

This last trip to the White river was a life time trip. I have fished from Florida to California and throughout Canada. Had many opportunities to experience a fish bite that most would not believe. This last Monday was a day I will never forget and still won’t be believed even by those who were there. When Jeremy says to go here, do this or that and be ready your about to get bit – hang on !!! My experience the last 3 trips have been that’s exactly what to expect. The bite on the White this last Tuesday was the most fish and best quality I have seen in 35 years of fishing. Just incredible! We were on so many quality fish my shoulder was literally sore the next morning from the fish fight. If you ever wanted to catch fish and I mean quality fish in the true fishing manner of fly fishing then call Jeremy he is the man.

What I appreciate most in Jeremy as a guide is his ability to relate to every level of fishermen he guides and their needs. His passion and I mean true passion for the “ Game” of fishing is genuine and a quality all will enjoy in Jeremy. If you can listen Jeremy has proven to me regardless he will put you on fish, you will have a quality fishing experience man woman or child. I have seen it for myself and its true – Make you first call to Jeremy be your last when looking for a trout river guide.

Thanks Jeremy I assure you we will continue these trips for many years to come. I have sent you several new clients already and more will follow.



Rainbow trout underwater shotHey Jeremy,

When my son, Dan and I decided to vacation in Missouri and do some trout fishing, it made good sense to seek out a guide that could put us on fish and also show us how to fish that area’s waters as well as help us fish on our own during the remainder of our vacation. Such a guide is usually hard to find as they have their secret spots, techniques, and, of course, want you to be dependent on them. When I ran across Jeremy’s website, it gave me the impression that I may have found such a guide. After contacting him by phone, he reinforced my perception that he was the type of guide that I was looking for. And, he confirmed my perception when we went out with him that he was definitely the guide that fit our needs.

Jeremy is very passionate about fly fishing and life in general. His goal during our time together was to make us better fishermen and have fun doing it. He certainly accomplished that with us. My son, Dan, wanted to learn how to fly fish and by the end of the day…he was hooked on it! Jeremy provided him with all the basics to get him started…from casting to knot tying to presentation to entomology to reading the water and on and on. All that and catching trout at the same time. What an experience!

As for me, an avid spinner fisherman, he convinced me that I can catch more (quality) fish by fly fishing once I understand what their diet consists of. This also adds more of the art and science into this great sport.

So, if you are reading this and looking for a flyfishing guide…look no farther. Jeremy is certainly the guide that you want to hook up with. But, I’ll warn you, do it soon before Jeremy’s passion for this sport combined with his career goals take him to greater heights that go beyond guiding in the Missouri/Arkansas waters.

Tight lines!
Ron Malecki
Midland, Michigan


Randall's 25 inch brown troutJeremy,

Thanks for taking me out fishing last week. I was amazed at the quality of the fishing and of the fish you put us on. Constantly hitting the double and triple hookups was way cool. The consistency of our hookups and quality of the fish we got into is what you only see on television. The tricks you showed me increased my catch rate drastically. I look forward to learning new techniques and going to your tying class every time I come down.

Thanks again
-Randall Barron


Cody Brown Trout TaneycomoHey Jeremy,

Thanx for the tips and taking me out if any one wants to harvest a quality sized trout Jeremy is your man he is by far the most experienced guide on Taneycomo I have ever met. He set me up with flies, leaders, tippet and basically everything I needed to catch a large trout and thanks to his advice and experienced knowledge on Taney Como I landed a 17″ rainbow trout, and the last 2 days of fishing I landed all together about 20 Trout. If you are going to go fly fishing on Taneycomo be sure to give Jeremy a call. And once again Jeremy thanks again for everything. 🙂

Cody Cunningham

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