How to Tie: Mackie Bug

What You’ll Need


3769 TMC Size 10


Copper wire (BR size)


Super Bright Dubbing (Fl. Chartreuse)


Super Bright Dubbing (Black)




UTC 140 Fl. Chartreuse
This pattern was originated by Ed and Bob Story. This is one of the best blue gill patterns ever. If you give this fly a shot I can guarantee you will not leave home without this!!

Step 1

Go ahead and wrap about six to eight turns of lead wire. After you do that you will want to start your thread and secure the lead wire from shifting.

Step 2

Tie in your wire right behind the lead and wind the thread until you’re almost to the bend. You still have to tie the legs in so make sure you have a little room in the back (before the bend).

Step 3

Grab one strand of the sili legs tie it in at the bend at an angle. Fold the other back at the other angle and tie it down. Cut the legs evenly to the desired length you want once you’ve tied it in. I’ll talk more about this in step 7.

Step 4

Now you’re ready for the dubbing.


Step 5

Wind the dubbing tight around the shank. You want to taper it from small to big while winding it forward. And only tie till you get to the lead wire. I like to wrap just a little bit of the black dubbing on the lead. That will be where you tie the other sili legs in so it’s crucial you leave room.

Step 6

Wind the wire until you get to the front of the lead also.

Step 7

This part might be a little tricky. I have noticed people having trouble with getting the legs to look right. What you want to accomplish in this step is by making the legs look like a “V “. You will have a total of four legs, two on the top and one on each side of the hook shank. How to do this correctly is by wrapping the legs around the thread and when you lay them down on the hook shank you will notice one going the right direction and the other one going forward. The key is to only do about two turns of thread and then fold the other one over and secure it. You will have to tie back on the leg a little to get it to fold back. Do the same thing to the other side.

Step 8

Tie the other color of dubbing to finish the front and whip finish the fly. I like to wrap the first couple of turns to lay the sili-legs back a little. Glue it and your good to go.

Step 9

Step 10

Step 11