What You’ll Need


Gamakatsu Style # 65113, size 1/0,2/0,3/0


Painted Lead Eye, Large


2mm Foam (color to match body)


Three strands of ice Chenille (Large)


.006 Monofilament

Step 1

They’re will be a total of three strands. The two that are the main color and then one strand adding some color. I’m doing an easy one just to get you use to tying these. They also make these where at the end of the tail it’s just one color. This is done by adding two strands and cutting off the main strands as you add a strand of the color you want to be the (fire) tail.

Step 2

Now depending on how long you want your worm to be is going to determine on how long the strands will be. I cut mine to about five inches long. This step is real simple. Your going to braid these like you would a pony tail. So if you don’t know how I guess these step will be difficult. I would ask someone who knows how, that’s what I did. I won’t get into the fire tail with just the tail being one color instead of it being two all the way down. I’ll have to do that one with a video which will be later on.

Step 3

After you’ve braided it to the desired length cut the excess off. Now at the end of the tail tie in some mono and secure the material from coming apart. I also add a drop of Zap-A-Gap just to make sure. Don’t go crazy on the glue because the epoxy will fix that.

Step 4

Tie on the mono and wind to the bend. Cut the tag off.

Step 5

Now the ends that you took out of the vise are loose. That’s fine because you’re going to tie them on the hook shank. When tying this down make sure the braid is what is hanging off the hook and not the loose ends. You want it to be as durable as it can so the braid needs to be strong in the back.

Step 6

Grab one strand of each color and measure them to be about three inches in length. Tie them in on the hook shank. I tie mine a little past where I tied in the tail. Tie them to the bend. It’s ok to wrap over the other stands you tied in to be the tail.


Step 7

This step is simple. All you have to do is start twisting them together until it looks like the tail.

Step 8

Advance the thread back up to the eye. If the weed guard is in the way then push it forward to keep it out of the way.

Step 9

Wrap the chenille up to the eye.

Step 10

Cut the excess off.

Step 11

With some curved shank scissors cut a tail to look like what you see in the picture.

Step 12

How I attach my tail is putting a drop of zap-a-gap right at the end of the tail and but the foam tail right up to it. This will hold it until you apply the epoxy.

Step 13

This is entirely up to you, but I like to add some glitter in the epoxy to give a little more flash to the tail.

Step 14

Add a smooth coat over the whole tail and even on the thread where you tied off the chenille. This should dry fairly quick if your using 5-minute epoxy.

Step 15

Attach the weed guard back and you’re ready to get on those bass beds during the spawn.

Step 16

Step 17

Step 18