What You’ll Need




Pine Squirrel


Pine Squirrel


Flashabou & Sili Legs


Lead Eyes, Painted color to match


GSP 50, Orange

Step 1

Go ahead and attach the thread at the front of the hook. Make a thread base before securing the eyes. I’m using the heaviest eye to get the fly down. As you can tell they are painted a brown/orange to match the overall color of the pattern. Secure them by doing figure eights on both the top and bottom. You can learn more about this step by clicking here.

Step 2

Advance the thread to the bend. Tie in the flashabou first, then the sili legs. The flashabou will be longer then the sili legs. Still be at the bend for your next step.

Step 3

Tie in a small ball of dubbing before adding the pinchers. This will help flare them out. The dubbing I’m using is the craw dub by Wapsi, great dubbing by the way.

Step 4

Measure two pieces to be 1 ½ times the hook length. Tie them right behind the ball of dubbing. You’ll want to wind back to where the hide is right up on the dubbing. This will help create the flare.

Step 5

Now this might be a little confusing at first, but you want to tie this in where the rabbit is going backwards when winding it forward. Notice in the picture the placement. You’ll only tie in a small portion of the hide. If you tie too much down you will see it after you start winding.

Step 6

Wind it all the way up and snug it right behind the eye. Keep going, but here in the picture I’m showing you where you can take a breather.

It’s Simple to Learn How To Tie Eric Schmueckers Pine Craw

Step 7

Now make a figure eight around the eye and one full turn in front. This might take a few times to make sure it’s down right, just play with it and you should figure it out.

Step 8

Trim the excess and glue it.

Step 9

Cut a different color pine squirrel, or use the same to glue on the other side of the pinchers to make a two sided claw. I like orange and red over all others. This should be a killer pattern for crawdads wherever you fish it.