About These Patterns

This page will teach you how to steps for several warmwater patterns. These are very detailed steps and my goal was to make sure you understood exactly what I was doing in each step. It’s like I’m sitting right next to you. I also have videos on how to tie some of these patterns on my You Tube channel. If you look up at the top of the home page you will see a link that says YouTube. So pull out a vise and let’s get to tying!! Make sure you check back and see what’s been added. The new ones will be at the bottom of the page.

Snoeshow Rabbit “Hair’ Mouse

Eric Schmuecker’s “No Thread” Pond frog

Hunt’s “Hybrid” Crayfish / Crawdad

Eric Schmuecker’s Wee Craw

Wildcat Streamer

Swimming Sheep Shad

Eric Schmueckers Wool Frog

Clousers Minnow

Lefty "Classic" Popper

E.P. Bluegill

E.P. “Peanut Butter” Baitfish

Perfect Popper Frog

Gulley Worm

Mackie Bug

Pine craw