What You’ll Need


TMC 5263, or TMC 777SP


Danville 210, White


White Marabou


UTC 70, Red


White Marabou

Step 1

I’m using strung marabou for the tail. Measure your tail to be the length of the hook shank. Don’t worry about cutting the excess until you’ve tied it down and secured it. Tie up a little on the excess before cutting.

Step 2

Cut the excess, I do this by twisting it. It will make it easier when you go to cut it. There won’t be as much excess to tie down. Once you’ve tied down the excess advance the thread right behind the eye of the hook.

Step 3

Now prep two feathers (two is better than one) in the select marabou. You’re trying to look for length in the marabou. The reason is when you go to fold it over you don’t want alot of loose strands of marabou hanging out. Tie down both and wind back to the stopping point on where you cut the excess off for the tail. NOTE: Keep the wraps side by side as you wind back so the marabou doesn’t show on the bottom of the hook shank. Also when measuring the length you want it to go a little past the tail. So before securing make sure you get this right.

Step 4

Keep the white thread hanging in the back. Grab some red and make a smooth foundation where you want your bleeding kills to be. Whip finish, I use a saltwater materelli to get around the bulk marabou in the front.

Step 5

When folding over the marabou there are a few things to think about. You’re trying to create a bubble, in other words, you don’t want it to lay flat against the hook shank. Another thing to keep in mind is not to let the marabou twist on you. The individual strands need to stay in line (straight) when tying it down. Before tying it down you’ll want to push it forward a hair to get the “bubble” look.

Step 6

At this point you should see a few marabou strands hanging off the front. Just pluck them out, but be gentle so you don’t grab anymore that are tied down. That’s why I use select marabou instead of strung. Make a few thread wraps to really secure it. Whip finish it again with a salt water whip finisher to keep away from the head (body) of the pattern.

Step 7

I use gloss coat and if you’ve read alot of my how-to-steps then you know I’m a big fan of this stuff. Glue the underside of the whole length to really keep the fly durable. I’m not a fan of head cement at all.