How to Tie: Thunder Creek Minnow Chartruese & White

What You’ll Need


Thunder Creek Minnow Chartruese & White


UTC 140 White


Pearl Tinsel or Saltwater Flashabou


Bucktail (chartruese and white)


Flat stick ons

Step 1

As you can see I’ve already started the thread and tied the tinsel up to the eye. If you want to learn how to do this step go to my Mickey Finn pattern and it will show you how to do this step.

Step 2

You’ll want to tie the bottom (belly) first. The key to measuring the length is to make it just passed the bend of the hook. You can do this two ways, but I like to cut my ends before tying it in. If you’re not comfortable with that then tie in the bucktail and cut the excess off after you tie it in real good. Also, if you notice I leave enough room behind the eye so you can have the head form after you fold the bucktail over.

Step 3

So now you’re ready to tie in the top part of the bucktail, but before you do tie in about eight strands of krystal flash. I fold mine around the thread and then tie them in. Measure them to be a little past the white bucktail you tied for the

Step 4

You should still be up at the front just behind the bead. Now cut two strands of flashabou. You want them fairly long. Tie the two strands in. Take the two strands of flashabou and your wire holding them all together as you wind to the bend. Make each wrap side by side. Advance your thread back up to the bead still keeping the thread side by side. It’s important that you keep a smooth thread base so when you wrap the flashabou up you can’t see any imperfections from underneath (bumps etc).

Step 5

Turn the hook upside down and tie down the white bucktail. The thread should still be in the same place from tying down the chartreuse. If you notice any small pieces sticking out from the eye then you didn’t get them out when you were prepping the bucktail. It’s pretty crucial that all are long and the same length

Step 6

Make a little thread base and whip finish the thread off. It’s really up to you, but sometimes I’ll color the thread with a red prismacolor marker to form a gill

Step 7

The eyes should stick right to the side if you’re using stick-ons. Go ahead and stick the eyes on and now you’re ready to add

Step 8

Make a nice even coat of epoxy. I also run it over the red thread to make it stand out

Step 9

Step 10

Step 11