How to Tie: Scott Sanchezs Double Bunny

What You’ll Need


TMC 5263 size 2-8


140 UTC (white)


.30 lead


White Zonker Strips & Chinchilla

Accent Flash

4-5 strands of silver Flashabou


Plastic Stick-Ons


2 coats 5-minute epoxy

Step 1

Wrap the lead almost the whole length of the hook shank. See where I positioned mine. I leave a little room in the front and in the back.

Step 2

Measure about a two inch white rabbit strip. You can see how I positioned mine. Poke the rabbit strip through the hook point and slide it up and position it to where the rabbit hide is against the hook (on the underside). You should have a little rabbit going past the eye of the hook. Make a cut even with the eye and tie down the rabbit. You can either make a straight cut or make two cut’s an angle to point and tie it in that way. It’s really up to you. I personally like the hide coming to point. Especially if the hide is to wide (overlapping) on the hook shank. The strips are about a 1/4 inch wide. I also tie these using strips up to 1/8 wide.

Note: Make sure you measure the strip wide enough that it folds over on each side of the shank. It should connect on each side when you go to mash them together. If it’s not you will know when you go to glue it and still see the side of the hook shank. And also the wire will be real visible. That means the hide is to skinny. Make sure you make a nice clean thread head when tying the strip in for the next piece that will be tied in on the top. This will also build a nice cone shape head that you want for the epoxy that will be added at the end.

Step 3

The gray strip should be measured the same length as the white. This is when you want to cut the white strip in the back if you think it’s to long for the size hook. Next measure the gray strip the same length as the white and tie it in at the eye. When you tie this one in you shouldn’t need to make any cut off in front of the eye. After you tie it in run your fingers down it and make sure it’s the same length in the back. Don’t measure by the hair. Measure by the hide. Also make sure you are hiding the hook shank by the hide being wide enough.

This is about how long you want it. One thing to keep in mind when tying wings for streamers is, use your vise for reference points so each fly comes out looking the same.

Step 4

This is when you’ll glue the hides together using this stuff called tear mender. Your local fly shop can get it. This glue doesn’t glue hard which will keep the hides staying loose when you connect them together. If you try to use other glues I can almost bet you the fly will turn out wrong. It will look good, but will not fish good. You want it to breathe in the water

Step 5

Your thread should still be hanging off the front. Before making a nice thread head you’ll need to tie in 4-6 strands of silver flashabou accent on each side. Don’t worry about how they look. When you add the eyes you’ll fix that. Make a nice cone shape thread head and whip finish the fly

Step 6

I’m using solid plastic eyes in the largest size they come which is the 7 ½ mm. These come in several colors and they look great on the patterns along with deer hair poppers. They have a stem that you need to cut off flush. I like to use large toenail clippers. When gluing these on you need to position the flash to be directly in the middle of the two hides. I like the marine goop or Zap A-Dap-A Goo #2 for attaching the eyes on. What ever you do DON”T use zap-a-gap or you will regret it

Step 7

After the fly is complete you’ll want to make a coat of epoxy around the thread at the head. You don’t need much so watch how much you apply or it can get away from you. This will help the fly last longer.

Step 8

Step 9

Step 10