How to Tie: Ray Schmidt Rattle Snake

What You’ll Need


Tiemco 2499 SPBL, size 10-12 & 105, size 6-8


UTC 140, olive or color to match the majority of the pattern


20 pound


Rabbit strip, (Texas cut)


Silver and gold bead chain


Natural deer hair (body)

Step 1

Here’s where you’ll need to prep the stinger hook and slide the bead chain on the mono. It doesn’t matter how long the mono is, just make sure you have enough to slide six beads on and have it trailing of the back to your desired length. Take one end of the mono and go through the stinger hook. Go through it enough to wrap five turns right behind the eye of the hook and then go back through the eye. You now should have two tag ends that are long enough to slide six beads on. You’ll need two colors. The pattern is calling for nickel and gold. Once you have them on you can tie it in at the bend of the hook.

Step 2

You should have the thread tied in and wound to the bend. Tie in the mono and wind up the hook shank. You definitely want all the way up so you don’t have it slipping out when you’re playing a fish. Cut the excess tag ends of the mono.

Step 3

Cut the strip in a V. The V will be tied down at the front. I’m using a wide cut rabbit strip. I think it makes a bigger profile and it makes the fly look proportion.

Step 4

Tie the rabbit down in the middle of the hook shank and wind back over the V. Or until you meet up to the chain bead.

Step 5

I use two types of flash and blend them together. I wrap them around the thread keeping both sides the same lengths. Then tie them down with a few turns. Try to tie the flash to be in the center of the strip. Also make note that you need to the front of the hook bare so you can spin some deer hair.

Step 6

Poke the stinger hook through the hide. Make sure you gauge it right so the hide sit flush without looking kinked.

Step 7

The next step will take two full spins of deer hair to complete the head. The first clump will need to be staked in the stacker so all the tips are even for the collar. To learn more about how to spin hair, check out this pattern for the directions.

Step 8

You still need one more clump so if you don’t have room, push the hair back. This is called packing the hair tight. The next clump doesn’t need to be stacked. Just make sure you comb out the excess so you don’t tie it in with the hair. It will create a lose head and the hair won’t be tied down onto the hook shank real tight. Whip finish and add some glue. Now you’re ready to trim it to shape.

Step 9

Trim the head to shape. Make sure you don’t cut too far back and get the tips that are for the collar. Usually the bottom will be straight and the head will be flat and round like a sculpin shaped head. A double edge razor blade works the best, and it quicker. You can go back with your scissors and clean it up.