What You’ll Need


TMC 300, size 4-8


Uni-thread 6/0, black


Prism Dubbing




Tungsten Faceted

Step 1

Slide the bead on and start the thread behind the bead. Trim the tag off and wind to the bend.

Step 2

Get a regular (cut) strip of rabbit. People measure these all different ways, but if you don’t want short strikes keep it the length or shorter then the hook shank. Split the hair where you want the desired length and tie it on top of the hook shank. If the hair gets in the way as you’re tying it in you can wet your fingers and brush the front part back. After you tie it down with four or five wraps of thread in the same spot, lift the hide up and tie right behind it. This will lock the hide in and prevent it from shifting once you wrap it forward.

Step 3

After you’ve done that you’re ready to add some dubbing to the thread and wind almost till you get to the bead. You still need to add a little bit of red for the gill so keep that in mind also. Note: One more thing you will do is fold the rabbit over the bead so make sure you leave enough room for the rabbit strip to be tied in and cut off.

Step 4

Tie in the red dubbing for the gill. Notice there’s a little room between the eye and the bead. You can also push it back a little to push the dubbing back if you find yourself with no room.

Step 5

Tie off the thread and add a little glue on the thread that you tied off. Retie the thread in front of the bead and fold the rabbit over. Measure the strip to butt up to the eye and tie it down. Cut the excess off and tied down the strip really good. Also tie back on it a little to make sure you lock it in real good. Showing you the cone shape look you want with the thread.

Step 6

Whip finish the fly and add some glue on the thread wraps.