What You’ll Need


Diachi 1720 or TMC 5263, size 6-12


Danville 6/0, color to match body


Nickel, proportion to the hook size


Mo-hair Leech Dubbing, custom blend by BCO

Step 1

Slide on the bead.

Step 2

Wrap some lead on the hook shank and slide it up against the bead. I usually do 12-20 wraps depending on the current speed I’m fishing.

Step 3

Grab a ball of dubbing blend and tie directly in the center of it.

Step 4

Fold the strands going forward and tie them back as well., tie on top just a little to force the rest back.

Step 5

Create a dubbing loop at the back of the fly.

Step 6

Wind it forward until you get behind the bead, snug it up as close as you can without adding too much bulk.

Step 7

With a soft comb or brush, comb the hair back to blend it with all the rest. Whip finish and glue it.