How to Tie: Lead Eye Pine Squirrel

What You’ll Need


TMC 3769 sizes 6-12


UTC 70 color to match body


Same as body


Presentation eyes


Pine squirrel strip

Step 1

A lot of people do this step differently. I would like to teach you how I came about doing this the correct way so they do not shift on you. I know glue can do the trick, but tying them on correctly is just as important. When I first go to tie this in I turn the eye at an angle so I can grab it with my thread. I do about three turns just to secure it and do the same amount of turns on the other side. This is just to get it secure. Now add the glue before you start all your thread wraps. This will allow the glue to cinch into the thread. After you get them started, wrap your thread in a figure eight without only going one direction the whole time with the thread. The key is not to tie in one direction the entire time then shift and do the same thing on the other side. That will make your eyes loose and really secure on the hook shank. Once you fill you have done enough wraps turn the fly over and repeat the same process on the underside of the lead eyes. Turn the fly back over and post the eyes going around the top of the shank, but going under the eyes. This will tighten any loose wraps that you might have.

Step 2

Grab a long piece of pine squirrel strip and split the hair on the hide. Where you split the hair is going to be where you tie it at the back for a tail. Once you have tied it in securely you are ready to advance your thread to the eye of the hook. Just remember lift the hide and tie right in front of it before winding back up to the front.

Step 3

Palmer the squirrel strip up making each wrap side by side without over lapping the hide. This will force the hair to look like you tied it down instead of having it looking natural.

Step 4

Once you get to the front just behind the eyes, you are going to figure eight the squirrel strip around the eyes. You should start you’re first wrap around the eye wrapping away from you. Then once you have done the figure eight you will do one turn in front of the eye. Make sure you leave enough room for this step when tying in your eyes.

Step 5

Whip finish the fly and glue the eye and you’re finished.

Step 6

Step 7