What You’ll Need


TMC 5262/ 300, size 2-6


UTC 140, Hopper Yellow or color to match the body


Marabou or artic fox, I prefer artic fox


Mallard Flank and calf tail


Diamond braid or flat braid from Hareline.


Deer Hair (body)

Step 1

Tie the thread in the middle of the hook shank and cut the tag end off.

Step 2

Tie in your tail. If you’re using Artic Fox make sure you get the excess out before tying it in.

Step 3

Tie in the diamond braid with it facing towards the eye of the hook. Tie it forward until you get to the area you’ll tie in the deer hair then fold it back and tie it until you get to the bend of the hook. The reason why I do it this way is to keep the material even the length of the hook shank.

Step 4

Advance the thread back up to the stopping point (where the collar of deer hair goes).

Step 5

Wind the braid all the way up keeping the wraps side by side. Cut the excess off.

Step 6

Tie in a clump of calf tail. When cutting the hair of the tail make sure you cut way down on the hide because you’ll need the length. Measure it to be a little past the bend of the hook. I had a touch of glue to keep the hair from slipping.

Step 7

When selecting two mallard flanks, you’ll want the stem to be straight with no curve in it. Tie down on the stem and not the feather or you will fold it over to the underside of the hook. Measure the mallard flank to meet up with the end of the tail. Secure it with some thread wraps and add another drop of glue.

Step 8

Cut a clump of deer hair and stack it. Tie it on the thread base that you created from tying the calf tail and mallard flank. You’re not spinning the hair so you’ll need a thread base to tie down on. Measure the tips to come to about the middle of the hook shank. When you cut the ends make sure you cut them close to your fingers because you don’t want any hair going forward. Make two loose wraps and then with your thumbnail smash the hair to go sideways instead of up. Add tension with a few more thread wraps. Also make a few more turns through the ends as you wind forward to tie in the next clump of hair.

Step 9

Now we are going to spin the rest of the hair to create the head. You should have bare metal showing. If you don’t it will be hard for you to get the hair to turn out even all the way around. Repeat the same process as you did with the first clump. This time you’ll spin the hair. Make three wraps with each one getting a little tighter. On the second one you should see the hair rotate around the hook shank. The third and fourth turn should lock it in and keep it from shifting. Make a few more turns as you wind through the hair coming forward to tie in the last clump. The last clump doesn’t need to be stacked. Tie it in the same way and whip finish the thread. Add some glue and you’re ready to form the head.

Step 10

Trim the bottom to be straight across. I leave a few strands of deer hair. The top will be round, but more flat then rounded. The side will be rounded forming a cone shape.

Step 11