What You’ll Need


2 Hooks 3xl, TMC 5263, size 2-4


Danville 210 & Uni-thread 6/0, color to match body


Tungsten (Large)






Red Killer Caddis Bead


25 Pound Hard Mason




Sili-legs, color to match body


Prism Dubbing

Step 1

Like the Circus Peanut, you’ll tie in the marabou the same. You can use the same amount, I like use two pieces. Notice how I tie up the hook shank keeping the marabou going up the shank. I don’t like to make the cut until I get a little up the hook. Reason for this is to keep the hook shank even to tie on.

Step 2

Notice I twist the marabou before I make the cut. These will help on excess marabou, keeps the cut flush., makes for cleaner tying. I also cut one at a time for being more detailed.

Step 3

Repeat the same process as you did in the last step.

Step 4

Notice where is position the marabou on the shank before making the cut to tie it down.

Step 5

Tie in the flash. Use as much or as less you would like. Me, I don’t like too much on these types of patterns.

Step 6

Tie in one strand of schlappen.

Step 7

Now grab some sort of flash dubbing and start dubbing the body.

Step 8

Dun mid way up the body and stop.

Step 9

Tie in two strands of sili-legs on each side dubbing between the two.

Step 10

Palmer up the schlappen and make a few turns for the collar. Cut off the excess.

Step 11

Now tie in one piece of marabou right on the top in front of the collar of schlappen. Make sure you tie in all the excess marbou tuffs to make a clean eye when whip finishing the head, glue it and start the next hook.

Step 12

Slide the cone on and start tying down the mono all the way to the bend of the hook shank.

Step 13

Slide on one killer caddis beads in large. I use one, but you can use up to three if desired.

Step 14

Slide the back hook up. To read more about this step or any more in better detail visit the Circus Peanut how to steps. I talk more about the position on making sure the two hooks ride the same way up.

Step 15

Again, tie in another strand of schlappen and dub ¾ the way up with flash dubbing.

Step 16

Repeat the same process with the sili-legs and schlappen as you did on the back hook.

Step 17

Palmer the schlappen up until you get just behind the cone. Leave a little room to tie in another tuff of marabou.

Step 18

When tying in the marabou, try to shove it up into the cone to make the fly more durable and prevent the cone from sliding. I then add some glue up into the cone.

Step 19

Now where you see the thread wraps from tying down the marabou, you will then dub with a little flash dubbing to clean it all up. Whip finish the fly and you got a deadly streamer for big browns on the White River.