What You’ll Need


Tiemco 5263/5252, size 2-8


UTC 140 (black)




Medium UTC (black)


Sparkle Braid (rainbow)


Pine Squirrel (black)

Step 1

Slide the bead on. Depending on the hook size will determine the size bead you will use. The two sizes I tie more than any other sizes are 14 and 16 with 5/64 and 3/32 beads. I really don’t waste my time with size 14 unless I am fishing high water. Usually if they’re three or more units running.

Step 2

Tie the thread in at the front and wind to the bend. Advance the thread back up.

Step 3

Tie in the wire and sparkle braid with the wire being first and the braid. As you wind to the bend I like to keep the wraps close together to form a nice thread base.

Step 4

Make a few turns in the back to really lock in the material. Advance the thread back up, but not all the way up to the cone because you will make a collar with the strip as well. Notice where I stopped.

Step 5

Measure the tail a little shorter then the hook shank and split it to be tied in. You can also wet your fingers to keep the hair separated so it doesn’t get in the way when tying it in. Once you’ve tied it down lift the strip up and tie right in front of it with a few wraps and then advance the thread back up.

Step 6

Wrap the sparkle braid all the way up to the cone. Tie it off and cut the excess. Then add a small amount of Zap-a-gap inside the cone. I tilt the hook down just a bit to make sure the glue stays going in that direction instead of getting on the braid. Don’t leave it tilted to long or it will run out the front towards the eye. And go light on how much glue you add.

Step 7

Fold the strip over and tie it down with a few turns of thread.

Step 8

Now wrap the wire in between the hair, but when doing this step take your time and wiggle the wire as your wrapping up. This will help keep the hair from being tied down. If you find yourself having difficulty with this step then practice it a few times. Make the spaces the same as you wind up.

Step 9

Make one full turn around with the strip to form the collar and tie it off and cut the excess. Make some wraps securing it all down and whip finish the fly. Glue the head that’s inside of the cone.