How to Tie Hunts White River High Water Sculpin

What You’ll Need


2457 TMC size 14-18


Danville 210, color to match body


Metz Eyes


2MM tied on the bend of the hook, or hard mason mono in 30 pound


Barred Rabbit from Hareline, Olive


Select Marabou, Bucktail


Barred Marabou from Hareline



Step 1

Prep the eyes. To learn this step click here.

Step 2

Cut a piece of 2mm foam to be the same width as the rabbit hide. You can make it a little wider if you want. Measure it to be a little more than half the length of the hook shank.

Step 3

Tie in the tail to be twice the length as the hook shank or a little longer. It needs to be long or the marabou will over take the fly and it won’t look proportioned correctly.

Step 4

Tie in the first plume of marabou. You’ll tie it in from the tip. To learn more about this step click here.

Step 5

Wrap the plume up until you reach the stiff part of the stem. Cut the excess and tie back on the marabou to lay it back instead of flaring out. You’ll repeat this two more times. I also change the second plume to another olive color to create more dimension to the fly.

Step 6

This olive is a little smaller then followed up with a sculpin olive color. Repeat the same step.

Step 7

Last color, you should be up at the eye when doing the last wrap. Tie back on this one as well. Then we will have room for the pectoral fins and the bucktial, also the wool.

Step 8

This material is from Spirit River or Hareline. You’ll use one big nice plume for each side.

Step 9

Tie in some bucktail to measure about the end of the hook shank in length.

Step 10

So this is where you’ll need a marker to make your own barring on the top section of the wool. This will help keep the barring going all the way down. To learn more about how to in wool click here. When selecting the wool to make the markings lay it on a flat piece of paper and with the broad end just press down and repeat it on both sides. I’m using a prism color marker. I like these the best out of permanent.

Step 11

You will do this step three times, two behind the eyes and one in front. You need to tie one on the top and one on the bottom before pulling one back and then the other, you can’t do them at the same time. This picture came out better then the other so I know this one shows more olive (totally different fly). I just wanted you to see how messy it will look before cutting the head to shape. It’s just like stacking deer hair.

Step 12

Another example: You can also add a little “magic cup” to add more action. This would be tied on first before anything. You just slide it right over the eye and tie it down with .006 mono thread.

Step 13

Finish product. Whip finish and glue it. Cutting it to shape might take a few times, but you’ll get it, just think cone shape when designing it. Flat bottom with an up angle on the top. Make sure not to cut the barred wool you first tied in.

Step 14