How to Tie: Eric Schmueckers Damsel Bugger

What You’ll Need


Tiemco 2312, size 6-10


Uni-Thread6/0, olive


Grizzly marabou, olive


.025 lead wire


Davy’s bug dub, oliveBack: Peacock herl


Peacock herl


Optional, tungsten in black works best

Step 1

Wrap about 15 turns of lead wire and position more in the front of the hook shank. Tie in your thread and secure the lead wire by making thread dams in front and the back of it. Once secured wrap back to the bend of the hook.

Step 2

Take two pieces of marabou and bunch them together. Make sure the ends are even before tying it down. Trim the excess off either before tying or after. I like to do mine before I tie it down.

Step 3

Advance thread up a little from the back and tie in about 4 strands of herl. Wrap back to the bend.

Step 4

Fill in the body with bug dub dubbing. Taper the body up.

Step 5

Fold over the herl and tie it down right behind the eye of the hook. Don’t trim the excess just yet. These will act as legs oon each side.

Step 6

Split the four strands into two and force the thread to tweak them to each side of the hook shank.

Step 7

After you tie them you can make the cut to the desired length you want your legs to be. Keep the short though.

Step 8

Whip finish and brush out the dubbing to make it look a little more buggier.

Step 9

Step 10