How to Tie: Dave Whitlocks Hare Sculpin

What You’ll Need


Tiemco 700, size 2-6


Danville 210


Presentation eye, 7/32


Red hackle


Natural pheasant rump


White rabbit on top, sculpin olive on bottom. Glue together with Tear Mender.

Step 1

Secure the eyes. To learn more about this step click here for more details. Then wind to the bend.

Step 2

Cut a rabbit strip about two inches in length and tie it down. If the rabbit hair is getting in the way you can wet your fingers and stroke the hair. This will keep the hair back while you tie it down. Keep the wraps on top of each other. I make about four to five wraps.

Step 3

Poke the other color of rabbit through the hook point. Let it hang there while you tie in the pectoral fins and gills. Also don’t worry about cutting it to length until your ready to glue it, but at the same time, don’t let it be too long in the front or it might get in the way while you’re tying the other materials in.

Step 4

Tie in two of the same pheasant rump feathers (pluck two at the same time). When trying to proportions these correctly, make sure you tie them to be able to see. If you tie them to small you might not see them once the fly is completed. I usually use the bend of the hook for a reference.

Step 5

I’m using schlappen hackle because its webby and looks better to me, but any red hackle will work. I make about two turns and cut the excess off.