How to Tie: Cone Head Bunny Leech Purpe

What You’ll Need


TMC 5363 size 2-6 (or any streamer hook)


UTC 140 Black (or color to match body)


Tungsten (color you desire according to the right color rabbit)


Rabbit palmered up. (not cross cut) Purple


Wapsi new palmered chenille, purple

Step 1

Tie in the thread and wind to the bend. Cut the tag end off and your ready to tie in the rabbit.

Step 2

I don’t really show this step, but measure the tail the length of the hook shank. Split the hairs and tie it in on the top of the hook shank. I would wet my fingers when splitting the hair. This will help keep the hair out of the way when tying it in. I make three or four turns right on top of each other then lift the strip up and tie right behind it locking it in. This will also prevent the hair from shifting to one side of the hook shank when you start to wind it up

Step 3

Palmer the rabbit strip up and tie it down. I don’t tie all the way up because I need some room to tie in the palmered chenille. As you tie down the rabbit you will want a base for the chenille to be palmered up. Look at the picture to see the step.

Step 4

I made about five full turns around. I also snug it right behind the cone. Really snug it tight on the last wrap and it will help snug it into the cone. You will usually notice it will turn a little more around the hook shank when doing this step. Which is a good thing. Whip finish the thread off and glue it.