What You’ll Need


TMC 2457/2488H Size 8, 10, 12, 14, 16


7/64 tungsten in gold, copper (for #12)


Dubbing: Wapsi Rabbit Dubbing “Natural”


Flashabou “10% Thinner” (micro) Pearl


Unithread 6/0 (#8,10,12,14) or 8/0 (#16) Rusty Dun or Tan

Step 1

Put bead on the hook.

Step 2

Dress hook with thread. Make sure to go to the bend.

Step 3

Tie in a single strand of Flashabou to the bend of the hook. (Note: If the Flashabou breaks off while fishing, cut it entirely off the fly. The pattern will still be effective.)

Step 4

Twist dub an appropriate amount (this will vary according to the size you are tying) of dubbing directly to the thread. To create a tapered body, make sure that you twist the dubbing very thin at the top and bottom)

Step 5

Create the body by wrapping the dubbing on the hook from the bend of the hook all the way to the bead.

Step 6

Rib the body with the Flashabou to the eye of the hook.

Step 7

Whip finish and go fishing!!!

Step 8