What You’ll Need


2457 TMC size 12-18


UTC 70 color to match body


Tungsten bead 3/32, 5/64


UTC V-rib on spool

Step 1

You can see we already started the fly. Slide a bead on and start you’re thread behind the bead. Also tie in the vinyl at the front right behind the bead. Andance you’re thread wraps back making each wrap next to the next wrap until you get to the bend.

Step 2

Advance thread back to the front right behind the bead.

Step 3

Grab the v-rib and wind it up to the bead. The only thing to worry about on this step is to make sure the wraps are side by side and not over lapping on top of each other. Another thing to mention is the vinyl you’re using should be the shape of a “D” not a circle or round in shape. Make sure when you tie this in that the flat side is facing down when you first tie it in. You don’t want the flat side showing when you are winding it forward. You will notice that the rib “segments” won’t look right. Also don’t turn to tight or you will pull the rib to hard and you won’t to see the segmentation.

Step 4

Only do enough turns with the v-rib to get to right behind the Bead. Try not to overlap the vinyl once you get to the bead.

Step 5

Tie in the v-rib and whip finish the fly. Glue your thread wraps at the eye and your ready to catch some fish.

Step 6

Step 7

Finish Product!!