What You’ll Need


Tiemco 2457, size 12-18


Red copper wire (BR)


Red copper wire (BR)


Whit antron yarn


Peacock herl


Black tungsten bead


Uni-Thread 6/0, black

Step 1

Start the thread at the eye and tie in some antron yarn, but pay attention to how much you tie on so the bead will slide over it. Make minimal wraps of thread as well. Add some glue to secure it.

Step 2

Slide the bead on opposite than you normally would. The bigger end needs to be facing towards the front.

Step 3

Restart the thread right behind the bead. Tie in some wire with only a few turns of thread.

Step 4

Next tie in your flat tinsel and grab both of them and wrap to the bend of the hook. Make sure when you wrap that you add tension and keep the wraps side by side making a smooth thread base. And make sure that the tinsel doesn’t twist.

Step 5

Advance the thread back up behind the bead.

Step 6

Now your going to wrap your tinsel up overlapping each wrap as you go forward. And you will need to add tension making sure it lays flat and not create ridges. Tie it down and the cut excess off.

Step 7

Wrap the wire about six turns the opposite direction you wrapped the tinsel. Tie down the wire and move it back and forth until it breaks clean. You can use scissors to cut it, but it will always leave a little tag end showing.

Step 8

Wrap back a little with your thread. Now tie in some peacock herl behind the bead and make about three turns. Cut the excess off.

Step 9

Make a few turns securing the herl and whip finish the fly. Also with hard as nails you’re going to coat the whole thorax of the fly. This will keep the tinsel from coming apart from the fishes teeth.