What You’ll Need


TMC 2457 #14-20


UNI-thread 6/0 color to match body


Black Z-Lon twisted into a cord


White or natural deer hair cut with a little stub left on top

These little flies right here are definitely ones you should be fishing at Taneycomo. This midge pattern is one I think doesn’t get it’s notoriety. I would tie this in every color possible. I usually have the best luck on size 18’s. You can fish this several ways. I like to fish mine mostly as a dropper. When I was fishing the outlets I caught more fish on this then I did on scuds. And bigger ones!!!

Step 1

Start your thread somewhere in the middle and cut the tag.

Step 2

You’ll want to separate this into two even strands. You will only tie with one strand. If you tie the whole strand it will not look right with the smaller size hooks.

Step 3

Tie the z-lon somewhere in the middle where you started your thread. Wind to the bend and advance your thread back up to the eye. I like to make an even thread base, but you don’t have to. Stop your thread where you see mine. You need a little room for deer hair. Twist the z-lon until it is real tight. You almost want it to be so tight that when you relax the z-lon it wants to knot up.

Step 4

Wind the z-lon up making each wrap side by side.

Step 5

Cut the excess off. Notice I cut mine off at the top of the hook shank. It’s a lot easier to cut excess material off this way then on the underside of the hook. That’s how material end up in front of the eye when you go to tie it off.

Step 6

When cutting the deer hair off the hide you don’t have to worry about stacking it because your going to cut both ends anyways. The only thing to pay attention to is the front part. You’ll make the cut first and then tie it in. The back will be cut a little longer then the front after the fly is complete.

Step 7

Make a few turns through the front part of the deer hair as you get to the eye. Whip finish the fly. Make the cut a little longer then the front.

Step 8

Step 9

Step 10

Step 11