What You’ll Need


3769 TMC Sizes 10-8


UTC 70 color to match body


Standard chenille (micro for hooks smaller than 14)

Step 1

Tie in your thread at the front of the hook and advance to the bend of the hook. Make sure you pass the hook point. The bend of the hook will always be passed the hook point.

Step 2

When you wrap your thread to the bend pay attention to each one of your thread wraps. You want them next to each other keeping a nice smooth thread body. And if you don’t use a floss thread then you will definitely see a big difference in your thread warps.

Step 3

Cut a piece of chenille. What I have found out if you’re trying to conserve on material. If you look at how they wrap the chenille around the card. Each fold around is where I make my cut and that will be a perfect length for the size of the worm you will need for most hooks under size 14.

Step 4

Whip finish it and glue it. (The underside where the thread is showing and eye.) This will make it last longer.

Step 5

Pinch the CDC from the back and tie it in. Your going to tie the whole puff in so don’t worry about the length. It will be cut after the fly is complete.