How to Tie: Rusty Midge

What You’ll Need


Tiemco 2499SPBL size 18-12


Tungsten 3/32 for 14, 5/64 for 16 (black)


Black wire (BR)




Uni-thread (rust brown)

I have an article just for this fly and why it’s important to look at midge fishing in a whole new way. Scroll down on my tips page until you see the topic “anyone who fishes midge patterns… this is for you”.

I really promote not tying thread bodies with waxed thread, but I had to make an exception because they don’t make this same color thread in any other brand. And this is a pattern that takes NO substitution or it will cost you fish I guarantee it.

Step 1

Slide the bead on. Depending on the hook size will determine the size bead you will use. The two sizes I tie on more than any other sizes is 14 and 16 with 5/64 and 3/32 beads. So I really don’t waste my time with size 14 unless I am fishing high water. Start the thread right behind the bead and cut the tag off.

Step 2

Cut a piece of wire and tie it in behind the bead. I like to push it up in the bead. Advance your thread back to the bend and make sure your wraps are even and you have a nice smooth thread body when you wind to the bend.

Step 3

Once you get to the bend you are ready to advance the thread back up just behind the bead. Keep the wraps side by side.

Step 4

Wrap the wire forward making segmentations as you wind the wire up. Try to make the spaces the same. The main key to this fly is to make sure the fish can see the segmentations.

Step 5

Tie down the wire and move it real fast back and forth. It will break from it getting hot. If you cut it with scissors more than likely you will have a little tag showing. By doing it this way you won’t. And you will never mess your scissors up from cutting wire. Note: Make sure you build up a cone shape behind the bead before tying it off.

Step 6

Glue your thread wraps behind the bead and you got yourself a zebra midge.