How to Tie Red Ass Soft Hackle

What You’ll Need


Any nymph hook with a sproat bend. Size 16-14


UTC 70 (red)


Paecock herl




Killer caddis bead (bead)

Step 1

Slide the bead on first.

Step 2

Build a small thread dam to keep the bead from slipping. Whip finish and start the thread back up at the eye.

Step 3

Once your to the back your ready to tie in the herl. It really doesn’t matter where you tie it in at, just make sure you wind it to the back and butt it up to the bead.

I wanted to touch a little bit on herl. Wapsi has came out with herl died in several colors. This particular color is a real vibrant green that I think will make flies that are tied with hearl look even more ‘buggier” because of the color it gives off. There’s four colors besides the standard natural that we’ve been tying with for years. Ask your local fly shop to carry it if they don’t already. The color you see in the picure is the bright green.
There‘s four new colors to choose from. They die all three styles which are strung herl, swords and peacock.

1. Orange

2. Red

3. Bright green

4. Purple

Step 4

Once you tie it to the back advance the thread back up to the eye. Leave a little room for the hackle so don’t wind the herl all the way up. I like to twist mine and then wrap it up. By twisting it the body will be more durable in the long run. Trim off the excess and prep the feather. To see how it’s done click here and read about it.

Step 5

After you prep the feather tie in where you split it. If you notice the tip is facing off the front. Take your thumb and push up on it to force it up so you can make a good cut on it.
Showing you what I’m talking about.

Step 6

Whip finish and glue the eye.

Step 7